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Jane Wenham: The Witch of Walkern by Rebecca Lenkiewicz

I will be directing a new play by Rebecca Lenkiewicz this Autumn, a co-production between Out of Joint, Watford Palace Theatre and the Arcola Theatre in association with Eastern Angles.

Touring to Watford Palace Theatre, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Bristol Tobacco Factory, Salisbury Playhouse, Liverpool Everyman Theatre and Arcola Theatre, London.

Walkern, 1712.

After decades free from witch hunts, Walkern’s cunning woman Jane Wenham is blamed for a tragic death – and charged with witchcraft. A terrifying ordeal begins, as the village is torn between those who want to save her life, and those who claim to want to save her soul.

Inspired by events in a Hertfordshire village, Rebecca Lenkiewicz’s beautiful, throat-catching new play is alive with the mysteries of nature, sex and the supernatural, and blasts society’s hunger to find – and create – witches.

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